How To Questions

  1. Question:   Can I print envelopes?
    Answer:   Yes use the Menu/Envelope option to print Size 9 or 10 envelopes. Be sure the Branch information is correct before printing. There is a preview before printing to check for errors.

  2. Question:   How do I enter a new member who does not have a member number yet?
    Answer:   Click 'New' button. Put in a temporary member number i.e. NEW0623 (for me it's new+month+day. Later when you receive their Member Number from Dominion Command, on the main screen under the menu is a button labelled 'Change Number'. Clicking that button displays the temporary number from previously creating the number. Enter the permanent number in the space provided. There are two tables/fields affected the main table and payments table. Both are updated.

  3. Question:  How do I use iSalute to manage the Early Bird Draw Campaign?
    Answer:  This is the procedure I use for the Early Bird Draw. Under Reports/Payments I choose 'by Name' option. I choose, for example, Date Range between Sept 1 to Sept 30 for those who have paid in September. I use the list to assign a number to each 1,2,3,4 .. (for those eligible) Then I do a random draw for the number assigned and that's my winner. For October, I continue numbering. If September ended in 50, I continue 51,52,53.... Now the next random draw includes both September and October. Repeat for November, the end of the campaign.
  4. Question:  How do I process a new member?
    1. Click New Button
    2. You will have the opportunity fo test to see if member number already exists. If this is not a transfer where Member does not have a number yet, use a temporary number e.g. NEW111. You will be able to change this when you receive the permanent member number from Dominion Command.
    3. If the number does not exist, then it will automatically be inserted in the Number Field.
    4. Enter the First Name, Last Name, M(male) or F (female)
    5. Select the Membership Type using the Drop Down Menu. Choices are LF (Life), OR (Ordinary), AS (Associate), AV (Affiliate Voting), AN (Affiliate non-Voting) If entering more than one, you can use the 'Use Same' button.
    6. Enter the Address Information, Phone and other Phone, Email, Date of Birth, Citizenship (already filled in for New member)
    7. Next of Kin name, relationship, phone number if different from Member.
    8. Set 'Legion Years' to 0. When entering payments, you will be asked if you want to increment this number (by 1).
    9. Set Current Dues level. For our Branch in 2014, it is $50 ($45 for retirees). Half Year ( July-August) $25.00 or Third of Year (Sept - Dec $17.00)
    10. Use Check Box next to Active Member to mark the Member as Active or you may want to wait until you enter a payment which automatically select the checkbox.
    11. Use the Arrow next to Date in Database to select the date you created this member record.
    12. Similarly, Enter Date in Membership Expiry field. This will be end of year date such as 12/31/2015.
    13. Optionally, use Voluteer Interest drop down to build a list from the pre-defined list or just type in the area below. Special Note: The new Application as of the fall of 2014 does not have these titles. There is a report to print a list of volunteers and their interests.
    14. Move to 'More Info' page by click on 'More Info' button.
    15. The member's name, Membership Type, and if Active will indicate True.
    16. For Ordinary Members, enter Service Number and build Type of Service from List or just type in the information.
    17. In Record of Service indicate how the member qualifies. For example, Associate Member may be son or daughter of Ordinary member or Associate Member. Enter name of relative.
    18. Return to Main Screen.
    19. Click Payments button to go to Payments screen. Member's information appear at top.
    20. Click Add Payment. Automatically the Members Number (for verification) is filled in. You are presented with a Pop-up Calendar to pick the Receipt/Payment Date. The current dues level is filled in Or select field and edit the amount for Half Year ($25) or Third Year ($17) as above. Now enter Pd Year (new field Dec 2014). And finally, Receipt number.
    21. If you didn't enter Expiration Date on main screen choose it here. When receiving next year's renewal, you will be able to use the [+1 year] button.
    22. Finally, just for insurance click 'Save Changes' button.
    23. Return to Main Screen.
    24. Now prepare the Forms to send to Dominion Command.
    25. Under Forms, print the Member Registration Form and the Master Card Form. Most of the information is filled in from the member's record. Complete any information not completed by the software. Use Master Card Form in the Future to record Renewal Payments.
    26. Create a file folder for the Member and put copies of the Member Registration form and the Master Card Form in their folder.
    27. Send the original copy of Member Registration Form to Dominion Command with dues required.

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